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I just have one final and one final paper. Then I'm done with this semester. I just opened my last show of the season in Philly tonight (a dance piece by Movement Research and Meg Foley, called Slip). I have 6 more surveys to code, then my research is concluded. Everything's wrapping up.

I have to find an apartment for next year, but that'll fall into place. I also have to buy a car and sell my horse, but that's not school related. I'm finally coming out of my busy, busy semester, and breathing deep and seeing the flowers. It's warm, it's beautiful out, and I have finals.


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On May 16th, 2008 06:53 am (UTC), lisetteder commented:
Are you still looking for an apartment/a roommate?

I was just accepted to Swarthmore for transfer, and I'm REALLY REALLY hoping to live in an apartment come this fall (I'm pretty independent and it would just be better for my lifestyle than living in a double in the dorms).

If you still are, my email address is jeanieg88 @ gmail.com - contact me!.

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